Current vs. Legend

Basketball, and sports in general are debatable; in barbershops, gyms, cookouts, bars, etc. What I know is this in the Jordan vs. LeBron conversation is this. There would not have been a day where Jordan would have minded the competition of a 6’8″ guy and showing that he was the one that was it. He did it with Dominique Wilkins. The analyst want to make it seem as if they are just hypothetically speaking of now vs. then. They have made their choices.

My opinion isn’t based on numbers; it is based on the assassin’s mentality. LeBron doesn’t have it and it has shown repeatedly. Had those two matched up back then r place Jordan in this era he would still dominate the league. Today with the rules as they are he would be unstoppable.

Let the conversations begin.

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Cavaliers capture History for the city of Cleveland

The NBA finals were history making and a little of fairy tale. There were villains on both teams and darlings on both teams you had Draymond and his antics along with what Steph and the Warriors thought they were fighting the “Officials”. Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving did their jobs very well and at a high level too. It was the Warriors series to lose and lose they did, they made history all season long even in loss they made history. They were the first team ever in the history of the NBA to lose a finals series with a 3-1 lead on their opponent. The series itself was not that great though the way the game is played today is a little faster but more calls to get the offensive players loose to be able to score. Because that is what fans want to see is a high score, or so that’s what many of the spin-off shows sponsored by the league says anyway. The play was well a little more restrictive to me being a defensive minded player myself. That is why us older guys are not out there now. A lot of them are in a coaches’ role or some type of supporting role that gives the younger generation some toughness.

Hats go off to the Cavaliers for being able to pull something like this off. Coming from a 3-1 deficit against the team that won 73 games and only lost 9.

The Warriors though they have a tough summer to get through this year, to know that you had a team down 3-1 one and couldn’t finish them is really confidence drainer, even if you did win 73 games in the regular season. This was the time to show that you are the team to beat and rest on your regular season reputation. Everybody who has played basketball at any level knows that you have to take the wins no one gives them to you. They didn’t take what they wanted, Steph shot jump shots he has the same ball control as Kyrie but he didn’t use it. He could have gotten in the lane just as Kyrie did but he didn’t. When in the final series of the season all the injuries and everything go out the window. I know the organizations are worried about their stars but they also want that championship if their star can get it to them. The Warriors stars could have given their city another championship. I think they bailed on the hard work that it was going to take to get over the hump called the Cavaliers. It was almost apparent that as the Warriors got even the slightest lead in any of the games after the first two they were going to coast. I don’t think that was Coach Steve Kerr’s thoughts but the players other than Green yeah. Klay is too talented a player as well as Steph, the others in Igoudala, Barnes, Livingston, Barbosa all of these guys disappeared after the first two games. How can that be after the chemistry that was built all season long of playing together and getting other teams to play your way. They did push the tempo enough in games to get out in transition and make the Cavaliers chase them as they had made teams do all season long. This was not the team that everyone watched all season. I will not bail them out either this is their job to play at a high level for an entire season not just for the regular season. What a miserable end to a season that saw you guys make history.

Cleveland congratulations at making history LeBron made everyone believe that they had the magic ticket and they did against the behemoth machine that had been destroying every team that stepped in front of them all season long including themselves. The Warriors had a system but they bought into the Cavaliers system trying to play as they do but without the length. The Cavaliers capitalized on every mistake the Warriors made as they should have. I have to say as many others are probably saying this morning that I actually thought the Warriors were going to win the series. I really did but the Cavaliers proved they wanted it more than the Warriors did. LeBron and the Cavaliers knew all too well what the sting of losing felt like and they wanted no part of that again, like he said “This is finals whatever I have to do and however it has to be done, I don’t care” We won. You can’t say it better than that. Celebrate Cavaliers everyone will be chasing you next year. Every game in your arena will be like a playoff game it will feel great enjoy it guys.

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Warriors Green Suspended

This is what is on my mind about the NBA Finals. KiKi Vandeweghe a player from an earlier playing era, has levied a punishment on a player for reacting to something that no player in any league even himself would have allowed to happen to themselves. The rules are the rules I get that; we must also look at the aggravated behavior of what caused the action as well.

LeBron James, Scottie Pippen and others have executed this move and had nothing happen to them throughout the history of the game. OK, so Draymond and LeBron are tangled center court, I am not sure if there was a pain-point in either of their shoulders during this all I know is Draymond went down. Now with this fall comes something so disrespectful to another player. LeBron steps over Draymond. When this is taking place Draymond acts accordingly. In the aftermath once all is said and done the criticism begins and not on the one who steps over the other person while mind you he is actually getting up from the floor itself. Patrick Ewing was still down. This guy was up on one knee about to stand. How is this OK?

LeBron says after everyone has seen what he did that he wasn’t trying to disrespect Draymond he was just trying to get back into the game. Yeah right, he knew what stepping over this guy would do totally. Kiki you did not do what correct for the play and you and everybody else know it. You made a company decision, that should have ended that night right after the play ended as it did that night. To me I don’t think the Warriors will fracture behind this but this is why it was done for TV ratings the more people watch the more money the NBA makes. I still think the Warriors win tonight. For the simple reason that they play basketball as a team. Not too much one-on-one play where one guy holds the ball for most of the shot clock and then passes out to an unsuspecting player on the same team and is expected to make or create a great shot. They move the ball around which causes Mitch-matches on the floor because of the chaos that the ball movement creates.

Cleveland fans I am sorry for your loss, my condolences. Just wanted to get that out of the way before tonight.

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Warriors vs. Cavs

Warriors vs. Cavs – Game 1

First I fell asleep on the game but awoke to find that the Warriors won without the outstanding play of their two stars. The bench mob as they like to be described came in and did their jobs. Lebron was and always will be Lebron but Kyrie and Kevin have to find their places in the game on the defensive end to make this a good series.

The Cavs played great against eastern conference talent that couldn’t really match them. Now though they are on the NBA Finals stage where to win it all you have to beat the best in the west as well. Well the Cavalier’s haven’t played well in the west all year-long. The games they won were nail biters, sure those are the games that bring team chemistry upfront in the locker room, but there has to be a total buy in from all involved. The Cav’s as long as they were tearing up the eastern conference looked like the eastern version of the Warriors. Now facing them the actual Warriors they have backslid to their old ways partially. I would love to see the Larry O’Brien trophy on the east coast again; however the Warriors aren’t going to just give it to them.

Stephen and Klay are two of the best in the NBA, with a bench that is down right awesome when at home. Stephen is from my area and I like the kid. He has moved to the west coast and become quite the player for the western side of the NBA. I like how the teams play in the final series of the playoffs. It would be great if that same play was exhibited throughout the entire season. I know it is a lot for them to do. Especially with the rule changes.

I think this will be a great series though. May the best team win.

Stephen Curry the man

As a basketball player he has a bit of magic with him. In this era that is being played today he is the embodiment of what the NBA has become. The last couple of holdouts have left or are leaving “Kobe Bryant” and “Tim Duncan” even Kevin Garnett. All things are about change even the NBA. If the game was still being played like it had been in previous seasons a lot of the guys that are headliners now wouldn’t be.

Curry however is a part of this era, his work ethic is great and he is being rewarded for it. I am sure his dad is very proud of what he has been able to accomplish but also as the rest of the basketball is doing thinks about how much the league has changed. Has the changes been for the better and not just because his own sons are slight of frame and able to benefit from the changes in the rules. Being a dad we can have rose-colored glasses when it comes to our kids. Having held a position in the same work place but at a different era we all know he reflects. The league just as everything does changes. Stephen though has transcended a lot of the boundaries that many never thought he would. His believe in himself and his creator is what I think gives him an edge. He met his wife in a Christian camp his second coach was a Christian minister from New York. Faith is all around him and what he does.

The NBA is not a workplace where not believing in yourself is going to be beneficial to you. I mean if you do have the utmost confidence in your own personal capabilities, you will still need a lot more to be a dominant force in the NBA. It is what you do with the dominance that allows you to be special. Curry could be arrogant, glory hogging, and self-proclaimed basketball god. He does not carry himself that way nor was he raised to be that man either. To be a smaller player and be considered a dominant player is where you know he has a little magic and a lot faith. I like comparing him to Allen Iverson. No they are nothing alike physically but their determination and drive and their belief in the creator are almost picture perfect. To be a smaller guy in the NBA you have to be special and give the glory to the father above and that is what both of them did and are doing. Curry has taken the league by storm and showing what having faith in Christ will do for you. He has to believe in his self we all do; but when we see the things that we are able to do and we know we didn’t do alone and honoring the one who has held your hand through all of it is the best reward any of us can hope to see as an example. There have been a lot of bigger and stronger players but not many that have humbled themselves or the humility of Stephen Curry. He doesn’t care about the accolades he cares about playing the game the right way.

I as a fan only hope that he continues the same practices throughout the rest of his life to be that light that Christ has asked us to be; to bring the most guarded heart to Christianity. He is using his blessings to show the power of Christ.


March Madness Craziness Start Tonight


March Madness starts tonight.

Do you have your bracket or should I say brackets filled in? I have mine. Good Luck !!

Mine will probably be busted early hopefully not in the first round like so many other years.

Superbowl 50

Carolina vs. Denver

Pretty good game so far. Would like to see more of a running game from Cam to open up the throws that will open up the game for the Panthers.

Denver the Panthers have to control him with that smothering defense. He must stay contained if we are to win this Super Bowl.

I am hoping that they pull it out; That would be more than great for us in the Carolinas.

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NBA – Pacers and Wizards Game 4

The Indiana Pacers and the Washington Wizards are in similar place during their series.  They both have lapses in play and immature periods of just all out play ground play. Last night during the closing minutes of the game both teams had bone-head plays that made anyone that has played the game of basketball say WHAT IN THE HELL?


Lance Stevenson grabs a rebound from a loose ball play and just launches it into the fray of players without even looking. He could have taken the ball up the court and ended the game by allowing the clock to run out. Instead the Wizards regain control of the ball and end up getting two fouls shots out of it. The last play for the Wizards was even worse it looked as if it was supposed to be a curl play going to the basket for Bradley Beal but the pass was thrown back and a Pacers player stepped into the passing lane. It was a good game just a horrible close and end to it for both teams.


I am happy to see that Larry Bird is mot chewing on his nails anymore at least until the next series.

Notebook: Pacers 95, Wizards 92


Ben Standig, for
Posted Mon May 12, 2014 1:49 AM – Updated Mon May 12, 2014 1:49 AM

THE FACTS: The Indiana Pacers, top seeds in the Eastern Conference, now lead the semifinal matchup over the Washington Wizards 3-1.

THE LEAD: Paul George had 39 points with seven 3-pointers and 12 rebounds as the Pacers rallied from a 19-point, second half deficit for a 95-92 win over the Washington Wizards.

George and Roy Hibbert dominated offensively in the second half for the Pacers, who have won three straight after losing the series opener. The pair scored 43 of Indiana’s 57 points after halftime. Hibbert finished with 17 and George Hill added 15.

The Wizards led 57-38 early in the third quarter, but made only field goal over the final 7:50. Bradley Beal scored 20 points and Trevor Ariza had 16.

George played over 46 minutes, made 7 of his 10 shots from beyond the arc and took on the task of defending Beal.

QUOTABLE: ” Usually coach will take me out for a breather. I knew every horn that sounded wasn’t for someone to get me.”
— Paul George on knowing he would play heavy minutes

THE STAT: Led by John Wall, Washington had 18 fast break points in the first half, but zero in the second.

TURNING POINT: After rallying back from 19 points to tie the game at 74-74, the Pacers fell back 85-76 with 7:09 remaining as Washington’s bench took command. That is until George and Hibbert took it back, scoring 18 of Indiana’s final 19 points. George started the surge with back-to-back 3-pointers and his free throws with 1:21 remaining gave the Pacers the lead for good at 92-91.

QUOTABLE II: “It’s tough. We really did put ourselves in position to win. A play here, a play there could have made a difference in us winning. I guess that’s part of this team still growing.”
Al Harrington, who scored 11 points

HOT: The Wizards bench outscored the Pacers’ 32-2.

NOT: Starting center Marcin Gortat had two points and three rebounds in 21 minutes for Washington.

GOOD MOVE: Indiana coach Frank Vogel stuck with his starters as each member played at least 37 minutes.

BAD MOVE: Wall, who struggled with his shot throughout the series, passed on a potential game-tying shot in the final minute.

QUOTABLE III: “Their second unit came out with a lot of intensity which got the crowd going which you can’t [allow] on the road. But I thought our composure — we never panicked. …We know that in most cases we can just depend on our defense to methodically walk teams down, get stops after stops..”
David West, who scored 14 points and had eight rebounds

NOTABLE: Among those part of the sellout crowd at the Verizon Center, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and wide receiver DeSean Jackson. …Washington’s last home playoff beyond the first round came in the 1979 NBA Finals against the Seattle Supersonics. … Wizards forward Trevor Ariza went 4 of 4 from the field including two 3-pointers for 10 points in the first quarter. Through four games this series, he is shooting 12 of 15 overall and 7 of 8 from beyond the 3-point arc.

UP NEXT: For the Pacers, Tuesday @ Indiana, Thursday @ Washington (if necessary) For the Wizards, Tuesday @ Indiana, Thursday @ Washington (if necessary).

Yannick Noah Is A Huge Fan Of His Son – Father and Son

March 9, 2014  ·  7:54PM

Joakim Noah is a man of animation. News flash. But he had to get it from somewhere, right? On Sunday, we got an insight into Noah’s fiery nature when his father Yannick Noah was interviewed by Lisa Salterss matchup between the Heat and Bulls. He was a willing participant, answering questions while keeping his eye on the game. Slowly, the steadiness of his replies lessened, until he finally lost it and stopped the interview to give the Bulls, rather his son, a standing ovation. It stands simply as one of the better moments of the year.

VIDEO Link: Yannick Noah can’t contain himself during interview After the game, fresh off an OT victory for Chicago, Salters asked Joakim about his pops:

VIDEO Link: Joakim talks about his father’s passion after the Heat-Bulls game

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