Changing of the Guard

Tides are turning, I am getting ready to watch my 12-year-old play an AAU game. It is a blessing to be able to attend and support him and his brothers in any capacity we can. When I was younger there weren’t many times if any for my parents to attend. They had to work; when I say work I really mean work too having two jobs and working extra just to stay even in the world. Having the blessing of my parents to use the attitude and lectures they gave about hard work and preparation to be ready and more prepared than they were. Watching them perform is something that I and my wife enjoy, and knowing he draws energy from us being there is a special matter. It chokes me up a lot watching them play anything because I am there when I know my parents couldn’t be.

In my current position I feel empowered by what I should be doing for my family. I use to wonder how my parents handled it, in conversations today with them I have learned they were less prepared than we are. We have been blessed with provisions for our family. They really had to work to provide for us.

Thank you, Jesus, for loving us all that much.

Arthur G. Poston Jr.

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