March Madness Craziness Start Tonight


March Madness starts tonight.

Do you have your bracket or should I say brackets filled in? I have mine. Good Luck !!

Mine will probably be busted early hopefully not in the first round like so many other years.

My History of Understanding – Relationship Conversation


In my short time living as a Christian, I have found that it is not an easy life to lead. It is very hard living righteously and being the element of light for people to flock to. This is Christianity as I understand it; it is not a life of boredom as some may think. You can still have fun; instead of doing all the things that can wreck your mind and body. You now need to do things that uplift you and the Lord Jesus Christ. Using the gift or gifts that were graciously given to you at birth.
The fun that most were so in-love in their younger or present life before turning to Christ is problematic and life threatening. Most things that are considered fun in the secular world can actually take your life. Examples of things that can take life early are thrill seeking through drugs and alcohol, murdering for fun, sex with multiple partners. Those are only a few of the examples that can lead us astray if we allow them to. The things I have listed are a bit extreme but sin is sin; I could have added lying or playing a false prophet. That too is a big one but one that is so common for people to be sucked into. Deceit is very big and one that Satan has used throughout time.
That gift or gifts the you were blessed can be any number of things. However, we are not to use our gifts for personal gain they are to be given away to the world. We should all strive to be the gifts to the world that Christ has always wanted us to be. Selfishness is not an option in a righteous life, a walk with Christ is very fulfilling and noble. There will not be any fanfare for you; you may be ridiculed at some point to test your faith. Stay strong and know that Christ is in you already and that can’t be taken from you at any point.
In a marriage there is no place for selfishness, jealousy, and envy. What has to be there is trust, compassion, understanding, compromise, and love. Without those five things your relationship isn’t make it very long. The way I understand it is that the five things I have listed are absolutely necessary for a lasting relationship. If these elements are missing from your relationship how are you going to be able to relate within your relationship? Those five elements are what makes a relationships base to me. I understand this more now. Previously I was just like anyone else and thought that if the physical was there everything else would fall into place. Well the physical fades but those other elements must be present for the duration of the relationship. Did everyone get that “THE DURATION” meaning to the end of. If we try to stand on what we want, then we don’t get or understand anything. To relate we must understand and to understand we must relate. These are my 5 things for understanding a relationship today. You may be different and be able to make lust work “NOT”.
I understand now Jesus

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Just Don’t Wanna Know – Relationship Conversations

For those of us, men or women that are in relationships that are seemingly touch-less and you feel that you have done everything to ensure that your partner knows your heart. If you haven’t already, you should give that fight over to Jesus let him work that out for you. The arguments and the high volume debates will not help. It is up to the individual and Jesus to fix it.

Your partner may need to get outside help that does not initially involve you; stay strong in your faith and know that if the steps are placed in motion from the proper source, it will be taken care of, and the two of you will begin to heal. I haven’t been tight with Jesus too long, but I know from everything that I have personally read if we believe he can do it; it will be done. Like all people, some of us need the human touch more than others. Know that there are others in the world just as you are; fighting the same fight. I started the relationship conversation corner because when you have the feeling that you are not heard, you have a voice to share with others such as yourselves. The threat is real, and the enemy will try to break us if we allow it. I used to say that I was more spiritual than Christian. Now I know that being spiritual that is just the outer realm of becoming a Christian. I have carried burdens in my marriage that were just too heavy for me alone. I accepted Jesus again and started to pray daily and listen to what is in my heart. The strength that I feel daily; I know that he is walking with me. He is helping me carry it strengthening me and making me stronger. I don’t want Jesus to take the problem from me; I need to be made stronger to be able to deal with it. That is what I know has happened.
If you have to fulfill your need for touch, initiate it yourself go and hug your partner daily or give them a peck on the cheek. Do it; it will help it really will.

Continue through with your conversations requesting things of your mate letting them know your needs. Do not demand because demands only set you back to the beginning of the journey. There is a song that I heard in a movie that sums up what I am saying pretty well. It is from Tyler Perry’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”. I will place the lyrics below it was powerful to me maybe it will help you as well.

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Marvin Winans – Just Don’t Wanna Know Lyrics
Artist: Marvin Winans
Album: Miscellaneous
Genre: Christian

I hurt so many nights, I cried so many hours
Trying to make it right, I just didn’t have the power
You ignored all my tears in hopes they’d disappear
I tried to let it show

But I guess you just don’t wanna know

I came to you in love, I came to you in earnest
Could you possibly explain?
Oh my, my, why the flames? Why, why the furnace?
Oh, just needing to get it clear, I was hoping that you would hear
I tried to let it go

But I guess you just don’t wanna know

Now it’s true that God is always there
He said, He’d never leave
But at times the human touch is what I need
And if I had a dime for every time I tried to call your name


Some tell me I’d be wealthy

But I learned that I could cope, yes, I did
I discovered I, I could make it
Woah, in the nights so long and cold, so cold
You don’t know how cold
I learned that I, I could take it

Oh, now I wouldn’t change a thing
Not for the knowledge
Not for the knowledge that I’ve gained
I learned that I could grow, I really did, I tried to let, let it show
I did, I tried to let it go

But I guess you just don’t wanna know


Relationship Conversations

Being in a relationship is something that will try you at every turn if you are not prepared. When we are kids and we are playing with one another some pick up a trick quicker than others and they become standouts.

The same happens in a relationship when younger some can hold the gift of conversation very easily. Some not all become players “Womanizer”. Then there are those that become husbands “Real Men” that use their gift to hold their marriages and families together. The earlier ones if they are not careful will lose sight of why they were given such a gift. It was not given to only bed women and get what you want. No it was given to repair and sustain marriages, families, and friendships. If we break everything with our conversation; then we must rebuild everything with that same mouth.

It is always hard to admit when you are wrong or have done wrong to someone you care about and love but that is where the healing comes from. Our conversations have the power to heal one another and preserve each other’s hearts.

Fight fair with your words from now on and no hitting below the belt. Try and always be kind even when it is hard. Use your power of conversation to heal try not steal with it anymore.

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Strength received …

I have been a recipient of this gift from my momma throughout my life. She was constantly giving me strength through her words when she spoke to me and let me know that things would be fine. She would then re-assure me with the reasons why.

1. I had the love from her and may dad
2. Even though it is hard I must not give up
3. Stay strong and focused

Her actions were powerful. The strength she showed handling a household of 4 kids. Being able to encourage all of us with a smile; that is strength. If she was ever to read this she will not remember it that way but that is what I took from the words of encouragement that she used to give me and my brother and sisters. She is a strong woman and always perseveres through it whatever the obstacle. I have always tried to use her strength as my own, and now I try to pass that knowledge on to my own children.

Thanks momma

Relationship Conversations

Conversations in relationships are tough. In a loving and binding relationship where there are passions and different attitudes. Things are said; at different pitches and tones. It is up to the two in the conversation to get what they need from it. The conversation is the main part of the relationship.

There are a lot of people and probably couples that could benefit from easing down on the attitude and tone. I was trying to have what I thought was a simple conversation with my wife the other day.

During our talk I had gotten so passionate about it my voice was rising in pitch and I was animated while trying to describe things to her about my decision to continue on with more education. She told me that she didn’t even know what she would go back for. If she was to go back. She let me know that it felt to her like I was trying to force her to do something she wasn’t even sure she wanted to pursue. I didn’t feel like that I was doing that. You know what she said to alert me of it. She told me my tone and body language made her feel like I was upset that she didn’t want to get her master’s degree. After she let me know that; it gave me the necessary attitude adjustment to be that comfortable space that she could engage in the conversation again.

I don’t think I would have been able to be talked down that easy in the past. Probably would have blown up even more. When you care about the other person though you will make those adjustments in your life and your character to make them feel loved and comfortable.

If I described you in some of your conversations . Whether you are the aggressor or on the receiving end don’t be afraid to speak up. If the environment isn’t one where you can speak up, then you know you shouldn’t be there in the first place. Simple trick for simple conversations.

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Praise and Uplift for my Daughters

Be strong my two young women, always be sure of your surroundings and who you are giving your time to. Don’t focus on the things that have already happened look ahead to the changes that you are making in your lives and let them be the guide that pushes you ahead.

As your dad I always want the best for you young ladies. I have watched you as a small piece of me throughout your long lives. Now you two have new pieces of me in your kids. Be strong women and guide them with the same strength I have always tried to guide you guys with.

Daddy loves you


Superbowl 50

Carolina vs. Denver

Pretty good game so far. Would like to see more of a running game from Cam to open up the throws that will open up the game for the Panthers.

Denver the Panthers have to control him with that smothering defense. He must stay contained if we are to win this Super Bowl.

I am hoping that they pull it out; That would be more than great for us in the Carolinas.

Till next post this is,

Manhood – Meaning of being a man

A man to me is someone who is looked upon as a righteous person. He does things that aren’t asked of him to help the next generation succeed. There are few men in this world that still hold true to this frame of mind. However there are not enough of us out there. The guys that always have an encouraging word for the youngsters. Whether it be helping them with confidence in a sport or just getting the confidence to try something new. As I grew from a young man to a man there were several guys that helped guide me on my path along with my dad. There will be mistakes and a lot of them. What we and the mentee has to realize is that as long as you are trying and being positive you can always be redeemed.

There are those young men that think they know. It is up to us who have been through a few things to a degree to be the strong soldiers and let them know when to be quiet and listen. This is certain you cannot hear if you yourself are speaking.

If and when they don’t listen and somehow they end up in a tragic situation. Then instead of being a student of life from mentors and true men, you will now have to learn more by trial and error. Still a student and maybe from those same mentor’s. Now though there are more difficult obstacles that wasn’t there earlier. Some of the conversations to himself might go like this. “He was telling me the truth and I didn’t want to hear it”. How am I going to dig myself out of this one? We know how though, you get a shovel and start digging. Once you start digging yourself out, don’t let anyone try to shovel more dirt back on you.  Meaning if you have paid your debt to whatever your indiscretion. There will be people who will always try to keep it in the forefront. Don’t let them make the change wholeheartedly. That could mean that you have to get new friends or change your life habits. It will be worth it though.

There will always be those young men that for whatever reason want to excel at doing wrong and evil things.For those young me there is a place for them too, most end up in a hole somewhere. Whether it is a grave or solitary confinement.

To those guys that may have those thoughts or are already in a hole of the correctional facility. You can change too. There will times when you think everyone is just picking on you. Remember though this is the path that you took, instead of choosing the higher road with several inclines. The path you chose was the one that was quicker going in the other direction but had a lot of obstacles and pitfalls. Like I stated above it will be hard but not impossible.

Jesus made a way for us all, just follow him and all will be just fine. He is most righteous.


The NEWS – Things are horrible

On the news if you watch it makes the world look so negative. There all of these deaths and radical events happening around us. That are chronicled by the media that does not have the best interest of the people involved. If you watch the NEWS of television in general everything is made out of skew. Unreal like; there are no actual people on television. The deaths that are televised seem to come from an action movie but are real life. Somewhere actual people are trying to bring the movies to the streets and the media empires are allowing them to do so.

What I am afraid of is that they are letting this pressure build to allow an actual death to happen on television. Every morning or over in the night there is someone reporting multiple deaths. The person is captured by our law enforcement groups only to have them be placed on the shelf. In other countries if they knew you did it or even had good reason to believe that you did it. You can bet your punishment will be swift and just. Here we kill your character because your credit and reputation are what makes you in America. We should have a more deliberate approach where we try to save the individuals that are abiding the rules and living correctly. America don’t let the few that are stepping out of character herd the rest of into a frenzy.

There are several instances lately where all races have had cause to be upset at some point. My point is that if you look hard enough you can find problems, that’s easy to do. What is hard is looking hard enough to find the good in everyone else. Media outlets seem to not care about the good things that happen as much as it seems they enjoy glamorizing the bad. Here there now has been a deliberate separation of church and state governmentally. In reality I think the separation has happened across the world and our country.

I remember the pledge of allegiance in school to start class now that is wrong. If everyone has their own deity how about we just have a silent prayer then? There is a lot wrong with today and there aren’t many of us trying to fix today, tomorrow or the next day. The ones coming behind us are going to pay dearly because of our need for greed.