Strawberry Letter – Wrong to Cheat if Your Wife Stops Giving You Some?

Wrong to Cheat if Your Wife Stops Giving You Some?

Good morning, Shirley and Steve, I have a serious problem. I have been married for 4 years now, and we have a 3-year old son. Everything has been going well: we both make good money, take trips often, she lets me hang out with the boys with no problems, and vice versa. I spoil my wife all of the time. She gets whatever she wants. I take care of our son, cook, clean, while she goes out with her friends, sometimes every weekend. Here’s the problem: she’s stopped having sex with me. I don’t know why. We have tried talking about it, we have even gone to therapy. Nothing works. I’m a Christian man, so I’ve prayed about this, but nothing has changed. Then, I met A Breath Of Fresh Air: she is single, beautiful, friendly, and likes to have sex. We started out as friends, but the more I opened up to her, the more she’s received me: literally. She is WONDERFUL IN BED, and I never have to want for anything with her, sexually. She doesn’t want me to leave my family; she is just helping me out through a rough spot. I don’t even know what to do about my marriage. Having sex with my wife is extremely important. Steve, I KNOW you understand what it’s like to have sex with your wife. That’s all I want. I don’t want to step out, or be with ANYONE else, but I don’t know what to do. I shouldn’t ask if it is wrong to cheat on your wife if she stops giving you some. The question should be, am I justified in cheating? Thanks. Signed, FRUSTRATED

Article 31 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife

Happy Birthday Baby –

Today my best friend has turned 38 years young. You as beautiful as the day I met you. You still have that glow that lights the way to my day and keeps me smiling for as long as we have known each.

Keep your personal stuff up it will benefit you later as the boys grow-up and we get older. I am very impressed with how you moved into this new phase of your life so quietly. Well not quietly but willingly and trying to carve out some time for you and your health. If you hadn’t done it nobody else could. this will help to move you through life better having other interest that just us. We are so happy be your focus but you should have more than just us. Keep moving yourself up the list to 1st so than when you are giving us priority whether it be the family or the boys or me. You don’t feel drained because you haven’t had time to clear your head and do something you really wanted to do for you.

Note * Manicure and Pedicure

You need you more than you can ever know and I know you so I know you need you. Have a great Birthday babe.

Stay Beautiful and Sexy

Love you,


Article 30 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife

Babe I want to lift you up today on you taking your work trip.

We will be here when you get home always at least until they grow-up and leave to create their own lives. I however will be here until the lord takes me away from you. You need not feel guilty about going and getting some time for yourself. I was happy to hear your voice this morning. You sounded so relaxed and calm, I am happy that you were able to take that time.



Love you so much,


Article 29 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife

I want to try and uplift you with my spirit and words babe. It is true that we are going through another of our rough phases.

I want to know that I have gone through this a number of times thinking of a different outcome. That in a definition is crazy on my part being the head of the family. We have had some successes doing so I will admit. We still have yet to conquer what I feel is our break through. I feel that you and I should be further along in our financial life than we are. That is my feeling my heart says that we are further along than I have ever dreamed. We have 6 healthy children that look to us for guidance and strength. I think we handle that task seriously very seriously.

I want to make you a promise that as we go through this life together we remain together. It is hard with the boys being unappreciative of anything that we do or give. We have to continue to teach and guide in hopes that they are hearing what we are speaking to them and really start having conversations with them on what is expected of them together. This is what we wanted so we have to embrace it and show our strength together and I want you to know that I am there with you in the trenches even though you try to do everything yourself.

I love you babe and always will.


Windows 8 Activation Error: DNS name does not exist Error Code: 0x8007232B

Windows 8 Activation Error: DNS name does not exist Error Code: 0x8007232B

The Windows 8 Activation may fail while using the online activation process. You may receive an error screen similar to this:


This issue was documented in this Microsoft Support article for previous versions of Windows but also applies to Windows 8. The cause according to this article is:

As the support article explains, the issue has to do with the default behavior of the activation wizard in certain installation media. Depending on where the installation media was obtained from (for example MSDN or TechNet subscription download) the activation wizard  by default will look for a Key Management Service (KMS) host on your internal network. It will not try to activate using the internet to reach Microsoft Activation servers.

In my case, I downloaded the Windows 8 Pro ISO file from my MSDN subscription. The installation binaries from the MSDN ISO file uses a temporary / default key to install as I was not prompted for an installation key. This installation key is apparently a temporary key that tells the Windows 8 activation wizard to look for a KMS host on the local network only and not try Microsoft’s activation servers online.

The solution is to manually change the product key to a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) most likely provided with your MSDN or TechNet subscription. To change the product key, use the slmgr.vbs script included with your Windows installation. The steps to manually change the product key are as follows:

1. Open an elevated Command Prompt (CMD) in Windows 8. Elevated means, Command Prompt needs to be run as an administrator. To do this, go to Windows 8 Start (click on the Windows key), locate the Command Prompt shortcut on your tiles (or search for it on your Apps) and righ-click on it.

2. The option to Run as Administrator appears on the bottom toolbar as shown in the following screenshot:

3. Once the elevated Command Prompt opens type the following command and press ENTER:slmgr.vbs /ipk “Your 5×5 Product Key”

For example:

4. After you press ENTER you will receive the following confirmation message within 10 seconds:

5. Once you receive this confirmation message you may proceed to activate Windows 8 using Microsoft’s activation servers online.

Article 27 – Praise and Uplift for My Beautiful Wife

Feeling very overwhelmed right now.

Babe you have tried your best to be strong during this time of being unemployed. I commend you for trying it is fine to be upset I was and at certain points of the day I am all over again. You are a very strong woman who has tried to bring strength to her husband. You don’t have to try and put on a face for me at all.

I appreciate all you have tried to do. I love you and hopefully we get through this soon.

Love you,




Article 2 – Grown-Up Relationship Conversation

Trying to keep my spirits up by trying to do different activities throughout the day while looking through the job boards. I am currently doing a How-To-Book on SQL it has been pretty informative so far. I am at the location in the book when I being to learn to create tables and adding data to them.

Hopefully once done I will have another skill that I can use to be more marketable in the job market. It is hard on my wife with me not working and stresses us both to the max.

I wonder if it is ok to be spirited while the other in the relationship is depressed?

Being the unemployed shouldn’t I between looking for a job do something to uplift my spirits? Should I constantly be thinking about the fact that I have no job?

Thanks for reading,

Article 1 – Grown-Up Relationship Conversation

Feeling overwhelmed with the loss of my job.

You and I have been very distant to each other and if I don’t come and touch you physically I don’t think there would ever be any physical ties between us. It is hard to pull the energy together to keep approaching and keep approaching. Yes we are going through things yes your body has changed, yes life is always moving us about but we said to one another with family and everyone watching that we had each others back. I got your back but I have been feeling left out in the cold for a long while. I think you need to step up more and show me you are still here.

I am here as I am always going to be; just seems like I am always holding a manikins hand or giving a manikin a hug there is not ever anything there for me.

I have waited and waited and waited how much longer do I need to wait? I love you so much and want so much for us and really working hard to see everything through. Family time is great, kids events great but when its just you and I; I always feel tension. You say lets just do it but when you have no enthusiasm about us, you just roll over to your back how am I suppose to see that?

Your loving husband,